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Taste Specials



The duet of smooth hot chocolate and orange flavoured espresso topped with softly whipped cream and chocolate flake makes this drink a cocktail sensation.



softly whipped cream dressed with chocolate and coconut caps a tall enticing glass of exotic coconut espresso blended with smooth steamed chocolate milk.A chocolate flake on the side makes this a true indulgence..


Tea The finest loose leaf tea, herbal infusions and fruit blends from around the world without compromising on quality and freshness.

House Tea


A traditional hearty Irish tea. Finest whole-leaf, golden tipped, black tea blend.Smooth notes of a Tanzanian with the spiced underscore of a malty Assam – produces a deep, dark, coppery cup. Perfect any time of day.

Ginseng Green Tea


Fresh, healthy and tasty Japanese green tea with ginseng, ginger and juicy pineapple pieces to taste.

Whole peppermint


Whole peppermint leaves create an incredibly fresh, purifying cup. Tingly, Minty & Fresh.

Red Berry


A tisane of elderberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, apple, rose hip peel and hibiscus blossoms. A colourful selection of fruits and berries and absolutely bursting with fresh, rich, berry taste.