Brief Summary of How the System Works

  • Simply specify your delivery date and order your lunch.
  • Lunches Ready will agree a cut off time for all orders to be submitted each day to receive deliver the following day.
  • At this agreed cut off time lunches Ready will consolidate all your companies orders for the following days production and delivery.
  • All orders will then appear on each users system as confirmed orders.


We will look at the main selection from your home page:

1.To place an order

To place an order you must first

This is the date you want your order delivered into your office. This date can be any future date you require.

Once you have chosen your date click on

You will be offered the following categories to choose from


Simply click on the category you want to view.

A header will appear for the category you picked with the category also broken down into sub categories.

If you want to go directly to that sub-category, for example soup, simply click on soup. Otherwise you can arrow down to browse through the total category listing

If you want to choose an item or several items from that category, enter the number of items you want in the quantity box opposite the product and click on .

To view another category go to the top again and click on whatever category you want to view.

Again just pick any item you require fom that category by entering the number in the quantity box and clicking on .

Please Note: If you do not hit after you have entered a number in a quantity section and then move to a different category section, that order will not be processed.

To check what you have ordered

To view what you have ordered for this delivery date click on

This will itemise your total order for the delivery date you are working on in a Pop-up screen.

You can delete a row by clicking on the Delete to the right items on the pop-up screen

If the line is marked as Confirmed to the right of the item, it means that the order has been accepted by Lunches Ready and is in production. ou cannot change your order at that point.

At the end of the orders you will be given the following information

  • Your total spend today
  • The Contribution made by your company
  • Your total spend less your employee contribution - your contribution


The Current Order date is shown in the bar above the menu

The Home button brings you back to the home page for Log-out or other Main Menu options


Return to the HOME PAGE

2. To view today's order

Simply hit:

This will itemise your ordered you have submitted for delivery today

On the right of each item ordered will be Delete or Confirmed

IF the order still has the status of Delete you may still remove that line from your order.


3.To view advanced order

To view all orders you have made but not yet received click onThis will itemise for you in date order each product ordered for the current and future dates.

If Delete is to the right of the item you have the option to delete the item from your order. Simply click on delete!

If Confirmed is to the right of the item, it means that the order has been accepted by Lunches Ready and is in production. Therefore you cannot change your order at that point.


4. To view orders received and your account information

Click on

Click on the date range you want the information

Then click on

This report will itemise per day, for the date range selected, what you ordered, and the company contribution per day. At the end of the report it will total your spend for the period, total the contribution from your company and total any spend you made over your contribution for that period..