About us
Taste Food Company was founded in 1998.

Originally set-up under the brand Suppers Ready offering a higher standard of food to the home delivery market. Specifically selecting traditional recipes, cooking using no artificial additives or preservatives Suppers Ready offered a range of freshly prepared dinners, salads and desserts for the domestic market. The popularity of the food led to many requests from customers involved in business to cater for their corporate needs.
Over the ten years the business worked hard to develop a complete catering service offering our customers in each market great food choice, great quality and great service.
At the core of our success to date is our people. We have been able to maintain the same Management team over the last ten years, adding to it as the business developed. Through this experienced dedicated team we can offer reliability and consistency to our customers.
As a business we strive to be the best at what we do and offer our customer satisfaction every day. We have a passion to improve and constantly looks for ways to improve what we do and how we do it..
We have developed food concepts and menuís that offer great flexibility to us as a business and allow us to offer our customers such a diverse product and service range. We now believe we have something for every taste and every occasion, while retaining at the core our original food ethos: fresh, healthy, interesting and affordable.
Taste Food Company now operates under three separate brands
Taste Catering
Taste Food company Cafe & Bistro
Lunchesready is our online, personalised, food service and management system for our office customer. Taste Catering offers our corporate customers a wide variety of food options for any corporate occasion as well as private catering for our domestic customers. We have recently opened our cafe and bistro located on South William Street in the heart of Dublin 2.